THE GRIND: Detroit Swindle – Future Imperfect (Frits Wentink Remix)

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IS: THUMP Soundcloud

Frits Wentink takes one of Detroit Swindle’s best songs from this year down a completely different path (audio)


When I saw that this remix of Detroit Swindle was done by label mate Frits Wentink, I should have guessed that it was done for the label’s annual The Roundup compilation. Every year, artists from the label take turns remixing each others tracks, frequently with excellent results. From the sound of this remix, this year should be no different. Taking Detroit Swindle’s “Future Imperfect”, a hard-hitting, dance floor killer with little hints of techno, and taking it a more jazz, abstract, left-field approach, Wentink has created something that should work just as well in the clubs as it will in a good set of headphones. Lots of layers that move subtly in and out of the mix, as well as little bits of the original track, all anchored by some playful piano and snappy drums help make for a very entertaining listen.

No word when this undoubtedly great compilation is coming out but I’m sure this won’t be the last time you see me post about this.

Shout out to Thump for the upload!

P.S. Here’s the original for comparison’s sake.


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