THE GRIND: River Tiber – Gravity (Falcons Remix)


IS: Red Bull Sound Select Soundcloud

Falcons explore the spaces between soul, pop, and bass on this River Tiber excellent remix (audio)


So after claiming that River Tiber was an artist to watch in 2016, he kinda fell off the radar for me. Not that I forgot about him; I just got wrapped up in other things. Fortunately for me, this remix dropped in my lap from my Facebook feed. In the end I’m glad I checked it out, as this remix from Falcons is absolutely. It maintains all the elements I talked about in the original (see link above), while adding some beefy synths to chorus, which gives it a bit more of a pop edge. Both tracks are great in their own right, and which one you like better is going to come down to preference, but I’m definitely digging this one right here at the moment.

Now if only we could get that River Tiber vinyl release…


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