THE GRIND: Duke Hugh – Green Leaves

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 2.38.36 PM.png

IS: Boiler Room Soundcloud

Something relieving for your troubled minds (audio)


Rest assured, I will not use this as a political platform. However, I will comment there seems to be a lot of worry, uncertainty, and most importantly, fear going on around the world. Thankfully, music is always there to easy your troubled mind and “Green Leaves” should be the healing medicine you might need right now. A very careful, measured yet relaxed piece of music, it’s mostly centered around some gentile, layered, Latin guitar loops, joyous hand claps and simple four on the floor kick drum. I honestly couldn’t think of a better piece of music to share with you today!

Rhythm Section International is quickly becoming one of my favorite labels at the moment!


One thought on “THE GRIND: Duke Hugh – Green Leaves

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