SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION: Raw Select Music Presents: Raw Select Snippets Vol. 1


A new, shorter-length, more digestible version of my long-form mixes. Enjoy! (audio)


I decided rather than taking a month or two (or three) to upload something, I would make a concerted effort to try and get more mixes up more frequently (currently shooting for at least once a month but aiming for twice). So I present to Raw Select Snippets: a 30 minute or so version of my usual long-form mixes. The general theme was trying to cover as many bases as possible, while mostly focusing on records that I’ve picked up recently.

Hopefully I can stick to my schedule and eventually turn into a more podcast/radio show-style thing. But until then, enjoy!


Mura Masa – Intro?/Know Me Better feat. Bonzai
Kaytranada – Bus Ride feat. Karriem Riggins & River Tiber
Suff Daddy – Cold Lampin’
Sour Soul – Street Knowledge (Instrumental)
The Delphonics – La-La Means I Love You
The Cannonball Adlerly Quintet – Inside Straight
Stagna – Little Sister
Suff Daddy – Piano Joint
Leonard Charles – Workin’onit
Joey Irvin – What’s The Use
The Otis and Carla Band – Tramp
Sheba – Jungle Fever


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