THE GRIND: Yussef Kamaal – Strings of Light


IS: Brownswood Recordings Soundcloud

Yussef Kamaal continues his explorations in the dimensions between jazz and electronic music with this track (audio)


Listening through this track, I was almost too quick to just write off “Strings of Light” as a Squarepusher “Feed Me Weird Things” rip-off, what with it’s skittery, jazz drums and atmospheric synth (although in all fairness, there are far worse things you could rip off). But about a quarter of the way through, the horns come in and just completely elevate it to the next level, bringing in an authentic feel of jazz-fusion to the table that you don’t normally hear in music of this ilk.

Basically what I am saying is that I really dig this track. Make sure to grab your copy of Yussef Kamaal’s album, Black Focus when it comes out on Brownswood Recordings Nov. 4th! That or grab it directly from his bandcamp here!


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