THE GRIND: Azymuth – Fênix

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IS: Far Out Recordings Website

Forward-looking Brazilian jazz-funk legends, Azymuth continue their quest to be the most adventurous band around (audio)


Shout out to Boiler Room Debuts for this one!

First off, before I get into this track, I must say I whole-heartedly stand by that tag line. If you haven’t listened to Azymuth’s ahead-of-its-time debut album, I highly recommend you do so. Azymuth over their almost 40 year career have continued to try new things with each album, and it’s quite inspiring to hear a band with such a forward-thinking outlook on music.

All that out of the way, Azymuth has for awhile now taking their Brazilian take on jazz-fusion in a more dance floor-centric direction and that is definitely apparent here. Anchored largely by a four on the floor kick, the song seems to be largely built around the drums, with the other instruments slowly coming into play as the song progresses. It all climaxes in a beautiful orgy of song and dance that is just pure joy in music form.

You can grab their new album on Far-Out Recordings when it comes out December 2nd!


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