THE GRIND: Leonard Charles – Basement Donuts Snippets

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 4.54.14 PM.png

IS: Wonderful Noise Soundcloud

Brilliant covers and reinterpretations of J Dilla’s classic album! (audio)


I don’t usually like posting snippets but this is too good not to share. Doing a cover/reinterpretation album of an made entirely of samples seems not only way too meta, it also sounds impossible. Yet some how Leonard Charles managed to make it work, he did it swimmingly. Rather than making them into live beat tracks, Charles takes all the songs and turns them into completely different songs; some hip-hop, some boogie, some electronic but all of them superb. Seriously grab a copy of this if you can!

Find out more about this and other great releases from Wonderful Noise over at their website here!


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