THE GRIND: Devonwho – Andthentherewas


IS: Living Records Soundcloud

Beat music with an experimental edge! (audio)

Is it official? Have we finally reached “post-beat music”?

For those who don’t know, after genre hits a certain point, musical journalists are usually quick to dub something “post” around the time that it starts becoming less like it how it really sounded and instead more experimental and melodic.

Snarkiness aside, I have no idea what actually defines post anything when it comes to music, but I gotta say that I really dig what Devonwho is doing here. Its got the lumbering, unquantized drums and hi-hats, but also liberal dose of melody that almost reminds me of Boards of Canada as well.

If you’re digging this like I am, check out is bandcamp here and pre-0rder the album, which is due out November 11th!


One thought on “THE GRIND: Devonwho – Andthentherewas

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