THE GRIND: Boiler Room – Welcome 2 Detroit: Dissected w/ Amp Fiddler and Raj Chaudhuri

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 2.32.32 PM.png

IS: Boiler Room Soundcloud

Boiler Room goes in deeper on J Dilla mythology this keynote interview (audio)


It’s kinda surprising that it took until the 10 year anniversary of Dilla’s passing before anyone did any interviews/keynote involving the work of the legendary producer. But hey, better late than never.

Earlier in the year, Boiler Room covered Dilla’s seminal album, Donuts (which you can check out here), but this time around they cover one of his lesser celebrated but still amazing efforts, Welcome 2 Detroit. The first half of this presentation is largely focused on the early phases of Slum Village and Amp Fiddler’s involvement as a mentor for the budding producer. Later during the second half, they begin dissecting (hehe) the album track by track, discussing Dilla’s thought process, beat making style, and just his general personality as a person. This one might be strictly for the heads but if you’re a Dilla fan looking to go even further in depth, you definitely need to check this out. Truly inspiring stuff here!


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