THE GRIND: Blockhead – Tinder In The Time of Cholera

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 2.01.38 PM.png

IS: Blockhead Soundcloud

Blockhead throws in his cap for possibly one of the best song titles of our time. Also the song is pretty good too! (audio)


First things first: if you fan of straightforward, biting, cynical humor like I am, I highly recommend following Blockhead on social media. The title of the song alone should give you an idea of where his sense of humor lies (which is part of the reason I checked out the song in the first pace).

With all that aside, one-time Aesop Rock partner-in-crime (aka producer) Blockhead has been releasing solo, instrumental hip-hop albums for quite some time now, and while I’ve never actually gotten around to listening to them, I’m a huge fan of his AR productions. This moody little number has all the trademarks of a Blockhead beat: live-sounding, upfront drums, a sort of somber feel, and lots and lots layers of samples. Plus it’s also got a fantastic little breakdown an the end that sort of takes a left turn away from your listening expectations.

According to his Soundcloud, the man is at work on a new album. Maybe this time around I’ll give it a listen!


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