THE GRIND: Soulection Radio Show #280 w/ Special Guest Gilles Peterson

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 1.53.52 PM.png

IS: Soulection Soundcloud

A must-listen Soulection Radio Show! (audio/video)


Soulection Radio’s guests can be pretty hit and miss with me. One minute they’ll have some amazing producer like Ta-ku, J Rocc, House Shoes, or most recently, Stro Elliot and then turn around and have some pedestrian trap-rapper who can barely rhyme, much less form a coherent sentence.

But make no mistake with this episode; the legendary Gilles Peterson goes in strong on his guest mix, pulling out a diverse array of new and old tracks(the recent Yussef Kamaal being a particular highlight). But the absolute highlight of the show is the 30+ minute interview between Joe Kay and Gilles talking about his history in radio and just their general love of music. It’s truly an inspiring conversation if you’re a music lover/Gilles Peterson fan!

They also made a video of the interview, you know, if you prefer to watch:


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