THE GRIND: FaltyDL – Frigid Air feat. µ-Ziq

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 3.24.12 PM.png

IS: FaltyDL Soundcloud

Planet-Mu’s label boss µ-Ziq and FaltyDL team up for a track that is both equal parts retro and forward-thinking (audio)


Surprisingly out of the “Four Horse Men of IDM” (yes I just made that up): Squarepusher, Autechre, Aphex Twin, and µ-Ziq, µ-Ziq has been the one who probably has aged the best. Not knocking any of the other guys, but I think by µ-Ziq being the only one to really strike out with his own label that’s STILL GOING has influenced his sound immensely, but not really completely abandon it. Take this recently collaboration with FaltyDL; a one-time label star of µ-Ziq who also seems to have started up his own label, Blueberry Recordings (or Records). It has a lot of the elements of an old school µ-Ziq/IDM track: bouncy, percussive melody, an ambient tone without being full-on new age-y, and layers and layers of synth sounds. But unlike IDM-past, it doesn’t suffer from being overly sequenced, where it’s pretty obvious where each new track begins and thankfully evolves pretty organically over time. Add in some shuffle-tastic drums into the mix and you got a song that is equal parts playful and emotional. If the rest of album is this good, I might even pick myself up a copy!

FaltyDL’s latest album Heaven Is For Quitters is out October 22nd on FaltyDL’s own label, Blueberry Recordings.


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