THE GRIND: Hidden Spheres – Land

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 10.37.38 AM.png

IS: Rhythm Section Internation Soundcloud

Hidden Spheres ventures outside of house music to make a fantastic mellow beat for y’all (audio)


It’s not all that uncommon for a house producer (or any other kind of electronic music) to make a hip-hop beat every now and then, but rarely do they come off as anything more than an excursion outside of their area of expertise. One thing I love of about this Hidden Spheres track is unlike most beat music in recent times is it’s actually quite patient in its approach; slowly revealing itself to you with its hypnotic melody with an effectively chopped set of “God Made Me Funky Drums”. This is some seriously solid down-tempo music right here. And from what I’ve heard from the rest of the EP, there’s also some really good house on here as well, so definitely check out the Well Well EP up on Soundcloud now!


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