THE GRIND: NxWorries – Lyk Dis

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IS: Stones Throw’s Soundcloud

NxWorries finally gets a released date and a buttery smooth new track! (audio)


It’s about time! If you’ve ever watched NxWorries music video for “Suede”, you might remember at end of the track there was a smooth as butter outro to wrap up everything. Well NxWorries, the collaborative project between rising star Anderson .Paak and Knxwledge, finally made good on that little teaser with the full-length track and it’s just as good as I imagined it to be. A rather subdued track compared to everything we’ve heard up until this point, .Paak rides this raw, minimal, and quite effective beat off into the night.

Anderson .Paak claims Yes Lawd! is the best thing he’s done yet. We’ll find out when it comes out on Oct. 21st on Stones Throw (which you can pre-order now).


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