THE GRIND: Tall Black Guy feat. Yusef Rumperfield – Come With Me And Fly


IS: Tall Black Guy’s Facebook



For people who follow this blog regularly, it should be pretty obvious by now that I am a complete and total, unapologetic, unabashed, unashamed Tall Black Guy fan boy. So anytime a new track comes around, you know it’s definitely gonna end up here. But to increase the hype levels even further, this new track comes as promotion for an upcoming TBG album! Yet, “Come Fly With Me” is remarkably different from a lot of his other productions. It doesn’t really have the dustiness of a lot of his other works. Instead, it seems to opt for a more “produced” sound, rather than being largely sample based (if that makes ANY sense at all…). Still, I totally dig this, with its incessant rolling snares, warm synths and playful vocal snippets. It kinda reminds of some of the work that Luke Vibert did for Planet-Mu and that is totally a good thing.

Let’s Take A Trip will be out on First Word Records in Oct. Definitely need to cop this one! And definitely a shout out goes to Gilles Peterson for premiering this!


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