(Best New Music) THE GRIND: Mndsgn – Use Ya Mnd (Twentyfourseven)

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 2.36.14 PM.png

IS: Stones Throw Soundcloud

Mndsgn offers a new beat with some gorgeous, retro-vibes! (audio)


I always try to make a habit not to write off artists who don’t click with me right away. It’s far to easy to just say “I didn’t like this one track/album so therefore, I’m gonna hate everything he makes, period.”. Case in point: Mndsgn immediately springs to mind. There was something about his earlier sound that just didn’t feel fully fleshed out or something that just filled with me with a resounding feeling of “meh”. Thankfully, this new track “Use Ya Mnd” is easily the best thing I’ve heard from the artist yet, and has fully grabbed my attention. What shocked me the most is there definitely seems to be an upgrade in  musical chops; the soloing in the bridge evokes some of the more atmospheric moments of The Crusaders and easily represents the highlight of this track. The rest of the song falls somewhere along the line of weeded-out Dam-Funk and Onra (neither being a bad thing) that sort of hazily drifts along, with no particular place to go. I can honestly say this is the first time I’m one hundred percent behind a Mndsgn track and I’m definitely intrigued to hear more.

Mndsgn’s new album Body Wash is due out Sept. 16th on Stones Throw!


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