THE GRIND/PLAYING FAVORITES: Grooveman Spot – Boiler Room Tokyo DJ Set


Revisiting one of my favorite Boiler Room DJ sets with Grooveman Spot! (video/audio)



This Saturday, I’ll DJing in support of Grooveman Spot’s second go-around in Niigata (a small city about 3 – 4 hours outside of Tokyo in Japan). So now seems like as good of time as any to talk about his DJ set for Boiler Room. GMS (a wicked DJ/producer from Sendai, another city north of Tokyo) plays an effortlessly cool, techno-heavy set that covers a bunch of classics (leading off with Carl Craig’s “Poor People Must Work” remix) and some newer stuff as well. As with any good DJ set as well, GMS paces his music selection and mixing perfectly, allowing the music to breathe and rise in tension before building up to an all out frenzy.

If you want more Grooveman Spot goodness, check out his Soundcloud page here!

P.S. Here’s the audio, just in case!


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