THE GRIND: Louie Colon and His Combo – Tembleque

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 2.31.26 PM.png

IS: BBE Records

DJ Amir shows off some of his NY salsa rarities with a new compilation for BBE Records (audio)

Latin music, much like Brazilian music, has been always been a genre I’ve dabbled in, but have never gone all in on (yet). So largely my explorations of the genre have been through the occasional compilation that piques my interest. Enter DJ Amir, crazy record collector and Latin music enthusiast with his latest compilation of rare tracks for BBE Records entitled, DJ Amir presents Buena Música Y Cultura. The main focus of this compilation, according to the man himself, is largely centered around New York Latin music; more specifically, NY salsa. The highlighted track here, Louie Colon and his Combo’s “Tembleque” is some straight up, good vibes salsa that’s high on energy; loaded to the gills with that spicy blend of horns, vocal shouts, and busy, intricate percussion. It’s the kinda thing that makes me want to dance, but quickly I realize that I have two left feet, and then immediately want to sit down.

But my dance floor ineptitude aside, the music here and in the video I’m going post down below definitely sounds like it’s worth checking out. DJ Amir presents Buena Música Y Cultura is coming out on BBE Records Sept. 16th and you can check out more information here!

Bonus: posted an interview with the man to give a little bit more context as to what went into this compilation. Check it out here:


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