THE GRIND: Machinedrum – Do It 4 U (ft. D∆WN)

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 10.25.03 AM.png

IS: Ninja Tune Soundcloud

Machinedrum continues to pine for brighter days with this most recent track from his upcoming album, Human Energy (audio)


After two previous uploads, I noted that Machinedrum’s music seemed to be taking a lighter, more mainstream approach. Turns out, my intuition was correct. After moving to California, the artist has stated that he has “fallen in love, and discovered a new warmth and beauty in his music” (direct quote from the Ninja Tune website). This new spiritual awaking is more apparent than ever on his most recent upload, “Do It 4 U” from his upcoming album Human Energy. Everything from the drums, synths, all sound much more vibrant and shiny than the dark and murky sounds of Vapor City, while still incorporating the “nu-school” drum n’ bass and bass-music sound that he used on the aforementioned album. I do like what I’m hearing here, however there does seem to be something missing as the track seems to cut off before it’s allowed to build up to where it’s going. Still, I’m pretty intrigued by what’s going on here and I want to hear the album in its entirety before reserving judgement.

We’ll find out if Machinedrum’s Human Energy  is as life-afirming as he wants it to be when it comes out on Ninja Tune Sept. 30th.


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