WORTH A WATCH/THE GRIND: Dead End Hip Hop – Worst Lyrics: Lil’ Wayne VS. Big Sean (feat. Rap Critic)



Dead End Hip Hop and Rap Critic team up to go over some of the most groan-worthy puns you’ve heard outside of talking to your dad (video)


I’ve been a big fan of Dead End Hip Hop on YouTube for awhile now. I love their sort of layman’s approach to reviews and conversations that always feel more like a casual (but sometimes heated) debate between friends, rather than a formal review. So when I saw they did a collaboration with Rap Critic (who I also enjoy from time) discussing one of my favorite topics in hip-hop (shitty lyrics. No pun intended, Weezy), I knew this was going to be comedy gold. Sure enough, this was probably the most entertaining 20 minutes I’ve spent YouTube in quite some time. Needless to say, anything I write here won’t do you any good. You seriously just have to watch it for yourself. Seriously, shout outs to the guys from both channels and definitely keep this series going!

And for the record: Big Sean is bad. But at least he never claimed to be the greatest rapper in the alive…


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