THE DAILY GRIND: Melodiesinfonie – “Greatful” Birth (And Brief Thank You From Me)

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 2.50.31 PM.png

IS: Melodiesinfonie Soundcloud

Positive, mellow vibes from one of my discovered producers of 2016. Also, a short thank you to everyone! (audio)


Doing jazzy beats well and originally in 2016 is no easy feat, largely since it’s very well traveled road at this point. However, much like FloFilz, Melodiesinfonie has very familiar yet very distinctive sound.  No where is this more apparent in his recent Soundcloud upload “Greatful” Birth, where he chops up ambient, jazzy keys masterfully over a click-y, broken beat, taking a minute to say thanks. If you’re into this sound, I highly recommend checking out his album he dropped on Melting Pot Music (which you can grab over here).

Since this track is about saying “thanks”, I thought it was a good time to say “thank you” to all 2,000+ visitors who’ve stopped by here over the last 8 months! When I started this little blog space last year, I thought I was going to focus largely on long form content, doing reviews and little editorials. While that was rewarding, I didn’t have as much time to  devote to it as I would’ve liked. After reading J-Zone’s Root For The Villain book, I got inspired to start doing more short form, more frequent posting. Thankfully it worked out, as I have almost tripled the number of visitors that I had last year.

But enough back story, I really want to thank everyone who’s stopped by here and I hope you keep coming back.

Anyways, on with the program…


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