THE DAILY GRIND: POOLS – Brighter Days at The Standard LA Rooftop DJ Mix

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 3.04.54 PM.png

Image Source: Pools’ Soundcloud

POOLS serves an excellent mix of disco-edits and deep house that is far more enjoyable than it should be! (audio)


As the little title blurb suggests, I really had low expectations for this one. Even some of favorite deep house artists have turned solid but rather bland DJ mixes. What helps make this mix stand out among the usual din of house mixes is the large variety of sounds going on here. Rarely does it feel like a long run of the same sound or song over the mix’s hour run time. The pacing of this mix is really effective as well, running from slow-mo disco and funk edits, to deep house, with little disco stabs mixed in for added spice, before the mix bows on it’s return back to a slower pace. Ultimately, it’s mix that could get a party going as well as being a pleasure to listen to. It’s honestly is one of the best mixes of this kind that I’ve heard in a long time.



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