THE DAILY GRIND: Max Graef & Glenn Astro – Magic Johnson


Image Source: Glenn Astro’s Facebook

Spazzy, jazz-house that would make even Squarepusher jealous (audio)



For the amount of times I’ve talked about these two producers (view evidence here and here), I was shocked to see that I had never talked about probably the best track on their collaborative, The Yard Work Simulator album. The little snippets I’ve heard (outside of the previously posted tracks) definitely make the album sound intriguing, if not a bit weird and quirky (two things I am absolutely not opposed to).

Enter the single from the album, “Magic Johnson”, an absolute cluster-fuck with a house backbeat, coupled with every single noise you could possibly imagine: jazz keys, spastic drums and percussion, lazy turntable scratches that all sound like they were just thrown into the mix to finish a track for the album. Simply put, there’s absolutely no restraint on this song whatsoever, and I think that’s what makes it work. It’s definitely not for everyone, but my ADD-addled brain loves it.

The Yard Work Simulator out now on Ninja Tune!


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