THE DAILY GRIND: Bosq – Out Of My Head


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Kon continues to work his disco/house/edit magic with this latest preview track for his upcoming album! (audio)


About 6 years ago, Kon (along side Amir, at the time) gave a fascinating interview with Gilles Peterson, talking about his love finding master tracks of classic songs to be able “re-write” history. After showing off a couple of highlights (including a dubbed-out remix of “Staying Alive” by The Bee-Gee’s and an alternate take of Leon Ware’s “This Is Why I Came To California”), the reality of any of these tracks ever becoming commercially available was squashed thanks to label/publishing bullshit.

While this project might not have any of the big names like the two listed above, it’s still made with same process. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find out any info on Bosq but I did find a lot to enjoy with this track; the strings, the chanting, the bouncy piano and bass.

Definitely excited to hear more from this project when it comes out on August 19th on BBE Records, which is also available for pre-order now.

I think I need to grab a copy of this…


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