WORTH A WATCH: Tokyo Vinyl #3 / Shibuya – HMV Records


Image Source: Waxpoetics.jp

Get a peak into one of Shibuya’s newest and best record stores (video)


This one’s a bit near and dear to me, not only because 1) it’s a video about record stores (which I’m always happy to watch) 2) it’s about Tokyo (Toh-Kyoh. There is no “I” sound. Slap yourself), but also it features an acquaintance of mine who also happens to be the general manager of the store. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Masato Komatsu in Tokyo during a DJ Muro party about 2 years ago and at that time, he told me about HMV Records and that he was helping run it. Earlier this year, I didn’t get to meet Komatsu-san but I did end up going to HMV and checking out their 45s section and good god, it is glorious.

But enough about me, I definitely recommend checking this video out if anything to get a quick history lesson about how Shibuya used to be the number one vinyl hotspot in Japan, and how that might be happening again. If this, record buyers, get you excited to come to Japan, I don’t know what will.


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