THE DAILY GRIND: The Xtraordinair$ – Love and What’s Real (feat. Miles Bonny)


Image Source: The Xtrodinair$’ Soundcloud

Miles Bonny and The Xtraordinair$ team up for some buttery-smooth, mellow soul! (audio)



Any time I see anything Miles Bonny related  pop up, I always make sure to check it out. A lot of the time, he misses for me that he hits. Thankfully this track in which he’s featured definitely has him firing on all cylinders, sounding more passionate and free than I’ve ever heard. His trademark horn playing also makes an appearance, along with a pretty standard  but effective beat to hold everything in place and keep your head nodding. I can’t say that I know anything about The Xtraordinair$ but if they keep putting out stuff like this, I’ll definitely be giving them a look in the future.

The Xtraordinair$’ album is available now via their Bandcamp page, which you can check out here!


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