THE DAILY GRIND: Eddie C – On The Road + Album Preview

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 2.13.09 PM.png

Image Source: Mulemusiq’s Soundcloud

Eddie C offers a preview of some new music that’s sounding as fine as ever (audio)


I think I’ve mentioned this but just in case, let me reiterate: I live in Japan. Now before you start getting images of the bright lights, big city of Tokyo (and god sakes people, there’s no “I” sound in Tokyo, so please stop calling it To-ki-yo), I live about 3 hours outside the nation’s sprawling metropolis. I bring this up before talking about Eddie C because I the fortunate pleasure of talking to the man before his special guest appearance before an event this was all due to living in small city, going to places and that most of the foreign community rarely treads. I gotta say, not only is he fantastic producer and DJ (he did a long, 4 or so hour set), but a super nice guy as well.

But long anecdote aside, I’m happy to see some new music coming out from the Canadian producer (a full-length project as well). On Soundcloud it seems that the label only uploaded previews instead of full tracks but hey, I’ll take what I can get. So after giving each track a once over, I think I came up with my takeaway, stand-out track. One thing I’ve always liked about Eddie C productions is a lot of times he will use familiar samples (I swear I know that drum beat, but I definitely know that guitar lick) and put them together interesting ways. Standing somewhere between a slow-mo nu-disco, house, and hip-hop beat, the song bounces along quite nicely, adding a nice sense of melody and atmosphere. I know the track is just a little taster but I’m definitely eager to hear more.

Anyways, Eddie C’s On The Shore is coming out August 26th on Mulemusiq/Endless Flight records and is being distributed by Kompakt in hyper-limited quantities so grab it/pre-order it while you can!


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