THE DAILY GRIND: Fouk – Whiskey Ginger

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 10.30.54 AM.png

Image Source: Music Is 4 Lovers’s Soundcloud

Some more Fouk for the folks! (audio)


I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve posted anything remotely house-related. So here’s some more shit for ya!

Fouk quickly became one of my preferred house production duos last year with excellent releases like the Heavy On The Bacon and Kill Frenzy EPs . So when I saw they were releasing something on Razor-N-Tape, I got really excited, then promptly forgot about it since I wasn’t listening to house at the time, only to dig it back out again thanks to it being constantly being re-posted on Soundcloud. Sadly, I seems like I really missed the boat on this one, as this is an fantastic piece of uptempo disco, deep house. Warm bass lines and drums abound as this track just skips through its 6 minute run effortlessly while remaining groovy the whole way through. One thing I’ve always liked about Fouk’s production style is the fact that tend to go the sampling route instead of the bog-standard 303s, 808s, and 909s (nothing against the legendary hardware by the way), as it definitely lends a fresher sound to their, well, sound.

If some disco-funk-infused deep house is what you’re after, you can pick up the Whiskey Ginger EP out on Razor-N-Tape Reserve right now!


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