Some excellent deep disco from Kon & Amir! (audio)


Not entirely sure why this is going up on YouTube now (I think BBE has been reissuing the Off-Track series recently, but I can’t say that with any certainty), but this song is one of my personal favorites from that compilation so I can’t resist uploading it here.

I don’t know anything about S.F.B. but this track is an absolute banger! There’s a really strong energy on this track; from it’s snare roll opening, to the first set of slightly-off time kicks, to that vocal harmony buildup, this track just hits on all levels. Ultimately what really works the most for me is just how much fun this track is (you can really get a sense all the musicians and singers who were in the studio together are having an absolute blast together). The whole compilation is excellent, but this is easily the biggest highlight from it for me. Anyone with an interest in “deep disco” should definitely check this out!

Off-Track Vol. 3 is available on all formats on . Go cop it now!


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