THE DAILY GRIND: Scott Three – Runnin’ Wild (Ain’t Gonna Help You) + Mini-documentary

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Image Source: Numero Group Soundcloud

Numero Group bringing you more obscure American soul! (audio)


It never ceases to amaze me that despite all the digging and compiling of obscure music across the globe that the well doesn’t seem to be anywhere near dry. Take for example Chicago-based reissue label, Numero Group, whose whole mission statement has been from the very beginning to dig up every last piece of forgotten American music (that newly reissued White Zombie collection looks amazing, by the way). What I love about Numero Group is how curated all of their compilations seem to be; taking a framework and concept and then finding all the music to go along with it (or possible the other way around, I’m not sure).

Anyway, this time around, their focus seems to be on “kid soul”- definitely a genre of a bygone era. Thanks to the success of The Jackson 5 (which was due in no small to their amazing production and writing team, The Corporation), everyone was looking to jump on the bandwagon. And if it’s not immediately obvious in the opening three seconds of this song, they’re trying to recreate that Jackson 5 formula (shoot for the stars, I guess). It does sound familiar, but there is something definitely likeable about Scott Three’s “Running Wild” (i.e. it’s funky as hell), and if it’s any indicator of what else to expect from the rest of this compilation, I’d be down to pick up copy!

Afterschool Special: The 123’s of Kid Soul is available for pre-order at Numero Group’s website. Check em out. Also check out this fantastic behind-the-scenes look at the label themselves:


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