THE DAILY GRIND: Mike & Rich – 11 Vodka

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 2.53.15 PM.png

µ–Ziq and Aphex Twin’s collaborative LP is all set for the reissue treatment! (audio)


I had almost forgotten about this.

The long-lost Mike Paradinas and Richard D. James (µ–Ziq and Aphex Twin, respectively) Expert Knob Twiddlers LP is finally set for a reissue. Given the amount of material, both new and old, these two have been releasing as of late, the timing seems appropriate for this collaborative album. Considering both producers have always had a knack for both percussion and melody, the two complement each other perfectly. Those who never got this on it’s first run and those who are die-hard IDM fans would be doing themselves a great injustice by not picking this up.

This deluxe reissue is due out on Paradinas’s own imprint Planet Mu in September! Below you can hear a preview of what the whole album sounds like!


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