Image source: Be With Records’s website

Excellent sounding psych-y soul from a group I’ve never heard of, but wish I had! (audio)


Kudos to Stamp The Wax for this post.

I’ve been seeing this Air (not THAT air) reissue get some buzz in certain circles of social media, so when it finally popped up on Soundcloud, I decided to give a spin. Sure enough, that buzz is completely warranted as this is some truly excellent rare groove, soul stuff. Reminecent of other great soul singers like Marlena Shaw and Minnie Ripperton in both the lead vocalist’s singing prowess and magical musical arrangement (which is similar to the grossly under apperciated Charles Stepney), if either of those two names strike a cord with you, you definitely need to check this out!

This reissue is coming out on Be With Records and is available for pre-order now! I have a good feeling this one is gonna sell out soon so if this kinda thing is up your alley then you might want to snatch it up now!


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