THE DAILY GRIND: Machinedrum feat. MeLo-X – Angel Speak

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 2.22.46 PM.png

image source: machinedrum’s sound cloud

Machinedrum continues to flex his club music muscle with this new MeLo-X collaboration! (audio)


A little while ago, I noted that Machinedrum’s most recent track, Dos Puertas, felt a bit more mainstream than previous releases (though I should state that my only real knowledge of Machinedrum’s productions come from his Vapor City album). Now that may sound like condemnation but actually I don’t mind this direction at all, since none of Machinedrum’s attention to detail is lost in the mix at all. Oddly enough, it sounds like some of Justin Bieber’s latest productions (which is probably the ONLY good part of his “music”, as I find him to be one the most detestable human beings in music at the moment). In short, this is some solid bass music that I’m very curious to hear more if Machinedrum continues to make more music in this vein.

You can be this track digitally on your platform of choice here.


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