THE DAILY GRIND: Will Sessions feat. Amp Fiddler – Seven Mile

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 2.05.06 PM.png

image source: Will Sessions’ Soundcloud

Will Sessions and Amp Fiddler team up for some soulful dynamite (audio)

I love me some Will Sessions. Ever since I was first introduced to them via the Elzhi Elmatic mix tape, I’ve always kept a keen eye out for any and all of their releases. So I was pleasantly surprised to see that not only do they have new song up on Soundcloud, but they will be slowly trickling out new 7″ through their own label, Session Sounds (according to

Will Sessions have stood out for me more than the average modern day funk group because they seem to take inspiration from the past, but never completely revel in it. This track feels like it could’ve been released 40 years ago, but it doesn’t feel like it should’ve been released 40 years ago (if that makes ANY sense at all). Not only is the musicianship top-notch (natch), Amp Fiddler’s presence on the track pushes the track in to the realm of greatness with some very soul vocals, as he pays tribute to one of Detroit’s most famous roads (right next 8 Mile, of course).

Overall, the sound on here is really promising but I would definitely love to see a release date on this track. But rest assured, this isn’t the last time I talk about a Will Sessions track so stay tuned for when I get more info as I will definitely be posting it here.


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