THE DAILY GRIND: Blaze – Lovelee Dae (Bicep Remix)


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Bicep take their New York house sound and remix a New York house track. Pure house goodness (audio)


I feel like it’s been awhile since I’ve talked about any house tracks (been kinda in a beat mood as of late). Thankfully, this excellent Bicep remix of a Blaze track was brought my attention, courtesy of Resident Advisor.

Now normally I’d post the remix and call it a day. But given that I actually have some knowledge of Blaze’s classic New York sound, I figured I’d give the original a shot to see how it compared to the original. The original, which was released all the way back in 1997, is slightly poppy, melodic piece of house-y house that sounds almost reminiscent of Beaucoup Fish-era Underworld. In other words, I absolutely love it! Kinda cheesy but I can totally get behind it.

The Bicep remix largely amplifies the original’s core elements and turns them all up to eleven. What this means is harder drums, more bass,more percussion, and more emphasis on the atmospheric synths of the original track. It doesn’t quite have the same catchiness that the original has, but it’s definitely a worthy remix. Make sure to grab a copy of it on vinyl when it’s released in August.


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