THE DAILY GRIND: De La Soul – The Bizness feat. Common (Paul Nice Remix)

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 10.32.07 AM.png

Image Source: Paul Nice Soundcloud

Paul Nice cooks up a different take of a De La Soul delicacy (audio)


Over the course of the weekend, my personal favorite De La Soul album Stakes Is High celebrated 20 years (which if I had any kind of foresight, I would have put this blog post I did for the album out this year. But here it is anyways). It looks like Paul Nice decided to get in on the action too, with this excellent remix of one my favorite tracks on the album, The Bizness featuring a very young Common ( who was still known as Common Sense at the time). Just like a good remix should, it doesn’t negate the original, but just offer a different vision of the original source material.

And just to prove it; here’s the original just for comparison’s sake!



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