THE DAILY GRIND: Deftones – Prayers/Triangle (Com Truise Remix)

Com Truise brings out the best in Deftones with this excellent remix of a track from their latest album (audio)


Here’s a name I bet you never expected to see here.

Of all the old metal bands that I used to listen to back in high school, Deftones is probably the one that hold in the highest esteem. Part of that I think was that they never seemed afraid to experiment with their sound, a trend that kinda started with White Pony (probably my favorite of all of their albums) that continued up to their newest release, Gore. So while I wasn’t shocked to see that they had been remixed (any body remember those awful Korn remix albums? Not that I should comment since I was never a Korn fan, but I at least know of their existence), I was pretty excited to see that Com Truise, keyboard and 80’s movie soundtrack enthusiast was the one doing the remix. And what do you know, it actually works perfectly! Both Chino Moreno’s vocals and Truise’s keyboard sounds perfectly haunt the mix, but it never goes overboard and falls into pure goth territory. Add some perfect drums and I’d say they’ve got a pretty good mix on their hands! Hell, I’d be interested in seeing a full length project with these two together.

Bonus: Here’s the original Deftones track too, for comparison’s sake. Which, despite the fact I haven’t listened to any “nu-metal” in ages, I can honestly get behind this!


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