THE DAILY GRIND: V/A Polaire de Cloù – Genesis 1:1


image source: Polair De Clou’s facebook

A brief rant, an update, and some more beats! (audio)


I’m beginning to feel like calling this section this section of my blog “The Daily Grind” is a bit of a misnomer, since it hasn’t been daily for quite some time. All that being said, thanks for still coming around, and thanks for your patience with my sometimes erratic posting schedule.

So I want to talk real quick about one of Soundcloud’s most controversial features: the repost button. Now for the longest time, I never paid Soundcloud any mind, choosing to get most of my music through YouTube or just buying it on vinyl. Now that I’m combing through Soundcloud on a nearly constant basis (even on the days I don’t post, I’m always checking new music on there), I’m getting quite sick and tired of seeing the same shit over and over in my feed.

I bring this up because this is probably one of the few instances of shoving something in my face incessantly actually worked to their advantage for a change. I’ve been seeing this Polaire de Cloù Genesis 1:1 compilation come up a million times and finally this last weekend, I broke down, downloaded it and gave it a shot. Turns out, it’s totally worth your time!

If the Spring collection from Jakarta was more jazz-based, and the Chillhop Essentials Summer felt more rare groove-based, then I would say this one explores more of the old-school Flying Lotus, electronic-based side of beat music. There’s also a certain raw, unpolished aesthetic to all the beats on here, which I’m absolutely all for. I won’t go super-indepth here on the track by track breakdown, I will say if you look for some new music to check out, I’d say definitely gives compilation a try (along with streaming, it also available for download through their bandcamp)!


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