THE DAILY GRIND: DJ Shadow – The Sideshow feat. Ernie Fresh (Updated with Music Video)


image source: mass appeal records

DJ Shadow takes it back, way back for this most recent cut from his upcoming album! (audio/music video)


The Sideshow is by far the most throwback cut from his upcoming The Mountain Will Fall that we’ve heard yet. I say throwback because it’s the one that reminds me the most of the DJ Shadow of old, i.e. funky breakbeats, scratching, and an abundance of samples. Sure it’s some crushed synths, but the overall aesthetic of this most recent track is definitely reminiscent of some of the more upbeat tracks from Endtroducing… or The Private Press (see The Number Song or Walkie Talkie). In any case, it’s a welcome return to form for those looking for that classic DJ Shadow sound and only made me even more excited for what the rest of the LP has in store when it’s released this Friday, June 24th via Mass Appeal Records!

Update: Mass Appeal released a music video for this track. Peep dis!

Bonus: Check out this cheeky little unboxing video Mass Appeal released for the album’s upcoming release!


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