THE DAILY GRIND: Jam Band 80 – Jammin’


Image Source: xlr8r’s website

Hard-hitting funky disco from a country I’ve never heard of until today!(audio)


Sorry for my prolonged absence recently. I will say the benefit of taking some time off is it allows me to come back strong and hit you with some of the finest stuff I’ve been finding digging around on this thing called the net.

Today’s selection comes from Dutch record store and label, Rush Hour, and an upcoming compilation of Surinam funk & disco (and I am not gonna lie, I had to look up where the country of Suriname was. It’s in South America, by the way) being released through their label. And oh man, is this song absolutely glorious! This track is a slow-cooked stew boogie disco, funk, soul, jazz, bossa nova, and a whole bunch of other influences too numerous to mention (apparently, based on a quick check of Wikipedia, Suriname was once a Dutch colony, which explains the large number sounds on this track).

My ignorance of geography aside, this track absolutely grabbed my attention and definitely want to hear more when the compilation comes out (it’s available for pre-order now on Rush Hour’s website)!

Shouts out to Gilles Peterson Worldwide for the post on this one!


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