THE DAILY GRIND: Lady Wray – Do It Again


Image Source: Big Crown Records

Big Crown continues to pump out quality, throwback funk and soul with this release from Lady Wray (audio/video)


This sort of retro-leaning soul and funk is really a lot harder to pull of than it might seem, but luckily, Lady Wray pulls it off here swimmingly. The real stand out point for me is that the arrangement never feels cluttered; there’s a lot going on between the guitar, horns, piano, and drums (love that timpani accent) but it’s all used sparingly, allowing the song to breathe and give it that truly authentic funk and soul feel. Definitely digging this track right here.

“Do It Again” is the first single from Lady Wray’s new album, Queen Alone,  which is due out on Big Crown Records September 23rd. You can pick up the single now from their website here!

Bonus: here’s the music video for the track, just for you.


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