(Best New Music) Badbadnotgood – Lavender (feat. Kaytranada)


image source: BBNG’s Bandcamp

Continuing the hype train for my most anticipated album of 2016 so far (audio)


As the release of Badbadnotgood’s latest album IV nears, they keep dropping tracks that push the hype levels for the roof. This newest preview, Lavender, features one of 2016’s other hottest stars, Kaytranada in a thoughtful and playful back and forth between the masterclass producer and musicians (check out the Fader article to hear what the band had to say about working with Kaytranada). I’d say the collaboration paid off, as I am really digging this mix of IDM-style synths, marching, staggered drums, and beautiful little bridge that seemingly comes out of nowhere about halfway into the song. There’s a lot going on here and there’s something to be said about BBNG’s musical adventurousness that doesn’t leave the listener cold (or in a wall of straight noise for that matter).

But anyway, BBNG’s IV remains the album I’m most excited for this year and I can’t wait for when it drops July 8th on Innovative Leisure. Again, hit up their bandcamp to pre-order the album right now, as well as check out the other songs that are available.


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