THE DAILY GRIND: Adrian Younge Boiler Room DJ Set


Adrian Younge drops some knowledge on yo ass with an all vinyl set of funk and soul classics (audio/video)


This shit right here is absolutely like comfort food for me. Regardless of whatever type of music that I am into at the moment (to which, right now, there is absolutely no trend), I can always come back to a DJ mix full of funk, soul, and sample sources. Adrian Younge definitely deserves to be elevated a little bit higher for not only his buttery smooth, no-frills approach to selection and mixing, but also for looking so damn sharp while doing it.

All kidding aside, the selection and mixing are absolutely on point, and even for anyone with a passing interest in any of the previously listed genres should definitely check it out!

Please note that the audio for this has been removed from Soundcloud. If you want to download it for your own personal listening pleasure (like I always do), grab it here!



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