THE DAILY GRIND: Jurassic 5 – Customer Service


image source: soundcloud

New Jurassic 5! (audio)


First De La Soul, now Jurassic 5? Yes please!

A little bit about myself; I wasn’t always a hip-hop fiend. But thanks to Jurassic 5’s first full-length album, Quality Control, it totally changed my mind about the genre and lit the fire that still burns strong for the genre. But cliches and backstories aside, it’s good to hear new music from the somewhat dormant 6-piece rap group (I say somewhat since there was that Heavy D-produced single that came out a few years ago. Plus they’ve been touring on and off over that last few years, as well).

Much like they did all those years ago, Customer Service, brings it back to the old-school: funky, catchy loop, playful wordplay, some quirky samples, and scratching. Despite these factors, it doesn’t feel old and definitely helps me realize how this kind of hip-hop is sorely needed in the game right now.

Head over to the group’s website, where you can name your price for the song for a limited time only. No word on a new album yet but I’ll you all posted as the news comes out. Until then, enjoy this right here.


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