RECENT PICKUPS: Mura Masa – Soundtrack To A Death


From my collection

Soundtrack To A Death was exactly what I was looking for from Mura Masa and then some (audio)


So on my most recent trip to Kyoto, I finally managed to snag a copy of Mura Masa debut album/mixtape, Soundtrack To A Death. Last year, when I grabbed the quality but way too short Someday, Somewhere EP, I developed a taste for more of this now twenty year old’s production. So where does that leave me with this Jakarta Records release? Completely satiated.


Awesome record store in Kyoto, Jet Set Records!

First off, if you’ve already listened to Someday, Somewhere, then you kinda already have an idea what this mixtape (?) sounds like. It’s part bass music, part beats, part electronic music, and with just a sprinkle of trap music, so the BPM does tend to stay on the low side of things. One thing you can say about this Soundtrack… is that it definitely doesn’t have a shortage of ideas, as most songs contain some many different organic instruments, samples and sounds that in the hands of a lesser producer probably would’ve sounded a lot more jumbled. Thankfully, Mura Masa has a skilled hand when it comes to juggling all these sounds and making them sound cohesive. In fact, since each track is bursting with so many ideas, there’s often a sense of unpredictability that elevate the young producer higher than others of his sound.Honestly, despite only a few listens, I’m truly digging this release. The few trap tracks are alright and hardly offensive (a lack of presence of a godawful trap MC definitely helps) and are really the sore spots on the album. Otherwise, I’d wholeheartedly recommend you grab this guy if you see it, whether it be vinyl (which does come with a download card, by the way), digital or CD. Definitely looking forward to whatever this super-talented producer does next and I hope you are too.


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