THE DAILY GRIND (and a quick update): Seven Davis Jr. – Church


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After a short little holiday, I’m back with a new house banger from singer/house producer, Seven Davis Jr! (audio)


In all honesty, I meant to post this before I left for vacation but just never got around to it (by the way, I was on vacation for two weeks, hence the lack of posting). Thankfully, I had it stored in my Soundcloud likes, so it immediately jogged my memory.

Seven Davis Jr. grabbed my attention years ago with the excellent single “One” but his output is all over the place. Sometimes he just makes a straight up banger of a track, like this one here and other times, he just makes some stuff that’s just doesn’t appeal to me. This track here though, is just what I hoped for from the singer/house producer: up front drums, tons of percussion, and a catchy synth line. Simple sure, but definitely effective! If you haven’t caught the Seven Davis Jr. bug yet, I highly recommend starting here.


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