PLAYING FAVORITES: Edan Radio Show # 1 – 4


Image Source: Edan’s Soundcloud

Looking for something different? Check out The Edan Radio Show #1 -4 for an eclectic mix of soul, funk, hip-hop, and psych-rock! (audio)


I’ve been meaning to post these DJ mixes/radio shows forever! Since The Daily Grind has been kinda weighing me down recently, I thought it would be a good opportunity to raise awareness for one of my favorite things: The Edan Radio Show! For those of you who don’t know who Edan is, he’s a super-talented, super-weird, producer/DJ/rapper (sometimes all at the same time) with a love of all things off-center (and healthy dose of delay). Over these four volumes (which will roughly clock-in at around 2 hours a piece), Edan explores hip-hop in its various shapes and forms, running from obscure old-school hip-hop, world, funk, psych, and occasionally a bit of classic rock (Pink Floyd pops up in one mix, though I can’t remember which one. Also shout out to anyone who can name what song he uses because I need that shit), all while injecting his own unique personality into it.


But truly makes these mixes standout (they are probably one of the mixes that I will go back to and listen to again and again; they are that fun to listen to) is that everything, as previously mentioned all fall under the category of hip-hop. Whether because a record just has a solid beat or break, a sample, as long as it’s funky, it can be hip-hop (a principle that goes way back to the Kool Herc days and even before that).


So if you’re like me and you need a variety and spice in your life, I highly recommend checking out these mixes. If anything, you might gain a new found appreciation for psyche music like I got from listening to these (they’re also good for a laugh, as Edan himself is often hilarious).



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