RECENT PICKUPS: 7 inch Madness (Breakdown Brass, Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band, The Hand Clapping Song [Professor Shorthair Remix])


all pictures are from my collection

A few more recent pick ups (audio)


Actually, a more accurate title would probably be “not-so-recent pick ups” as these guys have been in my collection for awhile now. But hey, late is better than never so let’s dive into some additions to my record collection.

First up is Breakbeat Brass and their amazing rendition of one of my favorite Rick James songs, “Mary Jane”. It’s a pretty straightforward cover but the horns mimic Rick James’s vocal stylings absolutely perfectly. There’s not a lot of subtly with this one but who cares; this track is just pure, unabashed fun. The flip-side track, “The Horseman” is a great piece of mid-tempo funk that rounds out this excellent 7 inch. Funk fans should definitely grab this one.


Heading over to the Caribbean side of things, we have Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band (despite the fact they are from Germany), which I’ve actually talked about before in two previous The Daily Grind posts (links here and here). Ultimately, I wasn’t disappointed picking this 7 inch at all and I highly recommend grabbing it if you can find it.


And lastly we have the Professor Shorthair remix of one of my most sought after Meters tracks, “Handclapping Song”. Anyone familiar with the old Ultimate Breaks & Beats compilations (or The Meters in general as it is probably one of their most famous songs), should know why I’ve been looking for a 7 inch copy of this song, but in case you didn’t know, this song is the embodiment of funk: giant drum break, funky guitar and organ, a chant to get everybody going, and perhaps most importantly of all, hand claps (natch). Honestly, I didn’t care who it was remixed by since all I wanted was a seven inch copy of this song, which thankfully the remix doesn’t tamper with the original all that much; only adding a few samples and quantizing the BPM a little bit (but not too much) to make mixing it a lot easier. Still not a replacement for the original but hey, for the price (a bit more than ten bucks) I’ll take it.

So these are just some of my recent purchases. How about you guys? What have you been listening to? Where are my vinyl freaks at and what have you been buying/searching for? Let me know what’s going on.

Keep digging!


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