THE DAILY GRIND: Grooveman Spot – Resynthesis (Red) Album Sampler


image source: Grooveman Spot’s Facebook

Album sampler for the upcoming album of one of Japan’s finest DJs/producers, Grooveman Spot.

Spoiler alert: they’re all bangers (audio)


Yay, I finally get to talk about this guy.

Back at the end of 2013, I had the fortunate pleasure of DJing with one of Japan’s premier DJs/producers, Grooveman Spot (who also just happens to be a super nice guy as well). During soundcheck and throughout his DJ set, I was privy to hear some unreleased tracks that had yet to be released and all of them were absolute bangers. He’s fairly active on Soundcloud, releasing a old-school R&B remix from time to time (check out the rest of his Soundcloud page), I was really dying to hear some new original material from the man. Looks like my prayers were finally answered since today he posted an album teaser for his latest called Resynthesis and god damn did he come through in spades. Every single track track previewed on here feels unique; running the gamut of tempos and styles.

If you were looking for an entry point into the world of Japanese beat makers (or didn’t even know they existed), you definitely to check this out.

Grooveman Spot’s Resythesis comes out on May 28th on Jazzy Sport (a record label/record store in Japan worth knowing if you have even a passing interest in Japanese hip-hop).


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