THE DAILY GRIND: DJ Shadow – The Mountain Will Fall


image source: DJ Shadow’s Facebook

DJ Shadow goes bass music in a good way with a track from his upcoming album, The Mountain Will Fall (audio)


Back in January, I posted a new DJ Shadow cut called “Swerve”(which you can check out here). For those who haven’t been following what the man has been up to (or you have a life, which clearly I do not), you’ll definitely note that over the past few years, Shadow has been moving away from his Entroducing… sound for a more electronic one (again, bringing up the DJ Shadow/Miami club controversy, where Shadow got kicked off for playing a set that was deemed “too future” by the club’s promoter).

Well if there was any doubt of whether or not this new electronic sound is definitely his new direction, then this new track from his upcoming album, The Mountain Will Fall, should remove any doubt that was left. Personally, I’m digging this track; with its ambient synth overload and “rock it in the pocket”-esque drums. And with promise of a Run The Jewels collaboration, it only gets me more excited.

But how will DJ Shadow’s new direction pan out over the course of a full-length album? We’ll find out when the album comes out on Mass Appeal Records June 24th.


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